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The Venture

     In a timeless age, a young girl lived over a hill, around a corner and past a brook. She spent her days happily dancing in her fathers shadow as he cultivated their garden. Her dog, Shepherd, resided at her feet, and remained her constant companion. The girl was living in bliss until she noticed the woods. Toweringly tall, the dense assembly of trees loomed in the distance. Although her father had forbid her to enter, its presence gnawed on her conscience. With the wood at her fingertips and disobedience in her thoughts, the girl’s lingering fancy bested her. She left dancing to venture to the edge of the wood. Shepherd followed her.  The young girl stood at the wood’s boundary. One step away from rebellion. She ran.  Into the wood she flew, leaves tickled her face and soil delighted her feet. She would have kept going, kept leaping, kept striding but a familiar bark stopped her. She turned glaring down the path. Shepherd had firmly placed himself at the edge. He did n

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